Sourcing Services

Maxsource  provides comprehensive sourcing, supplier/manufacturer verification, quality inspection, translation and import management services. We also provide a wide range of other services that complement the above services such as Cash on Delivery, Translation & Lab Testing services.

Maxsource provides complete sourcing & supplier verification services to help manage the client’s entire China sourcing process from finding manufacturers, to negotiating prices and from quality control to managing the shipping process. Due to our experienced sourcing specialists as well as factory relationships & trade volumes, we are able to procure prices that usually offer a substantial saving compared to prices offered on online B2B portals. This is because majority of the companies on online portals are trading companies who have a margin built in (sometimes substantial). By locating the root source i.e. factories & workshops, our sourcing specialists are able to cut product costs for our customers by 5% to 50%.

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