Product Development & Sourcing

Every industry is ultimately driven by good product sourcing. The supply chain involves activities right from discussion of a product conceptualization, presenting artwork and computer aided design to developing a sample. We provide “value added services” like designing & developing customized packaging , specilized labelling , barcoding and security tagging etc.

Maxsource makes best use of its experience to speed up the process of product development & sourcing. With high pressure on margins, this is an area that accounts for significant cost savings for our buyers.

We currently source from more than 70 vendors across India who have been evaluated for their operational & financial capabilities. Our capabilities also allow us to evaluate a specific, new vendor for their operational & financial strengths on the request of our buyer.

In short, with Maxsource, you are sure of:

(a) Accelerated time-to-market.
(b) Improved efficiency.
(c) Improved management of specification changes in product.
(d) Enhanced quality of product without costly design flaws.
(e) Professional co-ordination & synergistic collaboration.
(f) Tracking of key milestones & their reporting

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