Fund Raising/Capital Advisory

Maxsource maintains an extremely strong network of Private Equity funds, Venture Capital institutions, Sovereign funds, Banks and NBFCs interested in significant investment opportunities within our core sectors

We are able to raise financing in various formats:

•        Private Equity
•        Debt (both in rupee and foreign currency)
•        Mezzanine

We focus on raising capital for M&A, expansion and new ventures. Omega understands the complexity of operating in today’s cross-border business world, which is why we have tightly sewn financial and strategic due diligence into the fabric of our financial advisory approach.

Our technical expertise and infrastructure enables us to leverage to provide Initial Public and Secondary Offerings for small-to-mid sized entities.

Capital Syndication

Maxsource works with its clients to raise capital to fund their growth strategies. We capitalize on our network of relationships to reach out and identify the most appropriate capital raising alternatives for our clients, and entirely manage the capital syndication process. Our domain expertise across key sectors helps us position our clients effectively during capital syndication engagements.

We advise our clients on appropriate capital syndication strategies for the following purposes

• Growth and Expansion Capital
• Acquisition Financing
• Special Situations or Restructuring
• Structured Debt Solutions
• Initial Public Offerings / Offer For Sale
• Follow –on Offers
• Rights Issues
• Debt Syndication
• Debt Restructuring
• Qualified Institutional Placement
• Open Offer pursuant to Acquisition
• Buybacks / Delisting / ESOP
• Preferential Issue / Private Placement
• Stock Option Schemes
• Corporate Advisory
• Merger & Acquisition


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