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When developing a new film or an interactive web property that requires multiple layers of production, storyboarding can be immensely important. It allows you to create a thorough visual representation of what the finished product will look like and to develop a clear plan for filming and producing that vision. However, for many production teams, storyboarding is a time consuming and costly addition to their schedules. That’s why some decide to outsource storyboarding to an offshore firm that can handle it quickly and professionally.

Maxsource is the company to contact when you want to outsource storyboarding for your next production. We offer comprehensive active, passive and interactive storyboard development services and have a full range of production options including animatics and cartoon storyboarding. Contact us today to learn more about our storyboarding services.


If you don’t have the staff on hand to handle your storyboarding needs or if your current storyboards need to be updated or regenerated from scratch before the next component of your project can be filmed, you need a firm that has extensive experience handling such projects, the tools and technology needed to present it in the right format and the expertise needed to match your vision to the storyboards.

Maxsource offers all of these benefits to each of our storyboarding clients, ensuring that whatever they are developing, whether it is a short advertisement for their company or a feature length animated film is thoroughly planned out using the necessary animatics or passive storyboards. When you outsource storyboarding to Maxsource, you get not only exceptional service, but years of experience from dedicated artists and film professionals.

Storyboarding Services We Offer

We offer a number of different types of storyboarding to ensure that the finished product you receive from us is exactly what you need. This includes active, passive and interactive storyboards using tools such animatics.

Imaging types within those storyboards include:

• Thumbnail storyboard
• Floating storyboard
• Framed storyboard
• Photo storyboard
• Animated storyboard
• Film storyboards
• Cartoon storyboards

If you need to outsource storyboarding to a professional who has specific expertise with any of the above imaging methods, the company to contact is Maxsource.
Benefits of Outsourcing Storyboarding Services to Maxsource

What makes Maxsource the right fit for your storyboarding needs? To start, our staff is selected from among the best in the growing India film industry. Following ISO quality standards, we ensure that every project is completed exactly to specifications and that the turnaround time matches your specific needs. You will never wait longer than expected or be forced to send your storyboards back for multiple sets of revisions when you work with Maxsource.

If you want to outsource storyboarding to an offshore firm you can trust to get the job done right, contact the experts of Maxsource today.


With a core team of songwriters, composers, producers, musicians, engineers and editors, Maxsource can help you take your project from concept to completion. From songwriting and production to recording and mixing, we’ve got you covered.
Sound for Multimedia

Music-Screenshot.jpgWe firmly believe that the most creative and unique soundtracks are those that integrate music and sound from their inception. We provide the seamless integration of comprehensive sound design with original musical composition.

Music Services Include:

• Songwriting
• Music Composition
• Music Production
• Recording
• Audio Editing
• Vocal Correction / Tuning
• Mixing
• Remixing
• Artist Development
• Vocal Coaching
• Arranging & Orchestration
• Charting

Sound Services Include:

• Music Composition / Film Scoring
• Arranging & Orchestration
• Music Editorial
• Sound Design
• Sound Effects Editorial
• Dialogue, ADR & Foley Editorial
• Voice Over, ADR & Foley Recording
• Sound Supervision
• Mixing

Scriptwriting Services :

Our script writing services have eveolved from our belief that ideas are generators of inspirations and should not be allowed to just vapourize into thin air or remain as castles in the air. Oftentimes you find your idea cells are in constant Brownian motion, the mind exploding with a new concept but you lack the time and resources to translate that idea into a script. Marilyn Vos Savanat, a popular American Journalist says, “A good idea will keep you awake during the morning, but a great idea will keep you awake during the night.” Before your ideas take their own fantasy flights back, capture them and we will help you harmonize and design them. Outsource script writing to Maxsource

Our script writing services
The entertainment industry is booming today and by the looks of it, always will. Movies, TV shows, even computer games all demand new and unique scripts. If scripting entertainment products seems like something far-fetched or even a daunting task let Maxsource transform your ideas into stories.

We offer the following script writing services:

• Documentary Script Writing
• TV Show Script Writing
• Radio Script Writing
• Movie Script Writing
• Script Writing for Corporate and Social Events

The MaxsourceFactor

To be able to expand upon an idea and come up with a script, you need to reinforce it with a lot of research. Maxsource works with you to research your brainchild. However, if you already have your story written and just need to provide a design or layout to it, we can help you there as well. We offer to help you tap out fresh ideas to bring better lucidity, form and coherence to your script.

Our team’s strength lies in handling any subject with great alacrity and ease. We assure you that your ideas will be well managed and given the form you wish to.

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