What type of tasks can the Virtual Assistant execute?

Tasks can be of any type, which do not require a physical presence & can be executed using a phone or computer. Please contact us to know how we can execute your tasks. We will discuss and understand your scope of requirement and assign a Virtual Assistant who has the right background, education and expertise to work on your projects

How long does it take to start the services?

We can setup your account instantly and Virtual Assistant will be allocated to your account the same day or the next business day if the task is urgent. Under normal circumstances we need 3 business days to start the services.

Can I hire Virtual Assistant with qualifications such as MBA, Technical, Engineering, Medical Degrees?

Yes, We have staff with MBA degrees, Technical Background like Web Design, Internet Marketing, Search Engine optimization, Graphics Design, Accounting Background, Medical Background, Engineering Background and more

What makes Maxsource different from other Virtual Assistant teams?

At Maxsource, we have the largest team of  Virtual Assistants. This ensures that there is always time to get your project completed with experienced Virtual Assistants available to assist you. With a larger-than-average team, we collaborate and suggest improvements for growth. This is not to be mistaken for lack of personalization; each client’s individual goals are important to us! We epitomize the best of both worlds – an individual, dedicated Virtual Assistant and the resources of a large firm. It’s a full-service approach with a dedicated focus on our client’s needs.

Finally, we care about your business, it’s growth and your success. To us, you aren’t a number, a check or someone to be passed on. You are always provided with responsive, personalized levels of client support and attention.

Since our offices are not in the same location, how do we conduct business?
We easily exchange data electronically via the internet, a Virtual Conference room, email, text messages, Skype, IM, Go to Meeting, Join.me or other options. You can always get in touch with your Virtual Assistant.

What size companies will Maxsource work with?

We work with a wide-array of corporations, middle managers, business owners, solo-entrepreneurs and non-profits, ranging from one-man shops to organizations with annual revenue in the millions.

The flexibility in who we serve is something that makes us stand out from others.

That said, we only work with clients whom we believe we are a mutual fit for. That is not industry-specific.

How do I pay you?

For your convenience, we accept paypal . We also accept payment by check, Intuit Payment Solutions or bank transfer.

How well-trained and experienced are your Virtual Assistants and Online Business Managers?

Our team members are hand-selected and go through an intense, proprietary hiring process before they are invited to join our organization. Each and every one is backed by an education and years of experience working for companies just like yours. In short, our team is uniquely qualified to guide your business through the day-to-day obstacles you face in running your own company.
But, it doesn’t stop there. Best business practices are changing and evolving daily. Each team members continues with up-to-date training in their relevant skill area (ex: WordPress design, social media management or search engine optimization).  We assure that you and your business will stay up to speed with Maxsource at your side.
Our Virtual Assistants all work from a set of shared company Core Values and are courteous, helpful, approachable and well-trained.

What types of tasks can my VA execute for me?

Tasks can be of almost any type that does not require a physical presence & can be executed using a computer. The best tasks to give us are the type that you can easily explain/teach us through chat or email. All of our Virtual Assistants are trainable and love learning new things. We love challenges are finding ways how to do what we are asked to do properly as long as everything is decent and legal.

How do I know that my VA is working?

Your virtual assistant will send you daily check-ins and can report their progress to you whenever you’d like! In addition, you can choose to have them complete tasks in Google Docs, where you can see “real time” updates or in project management tools like Basecamp. Of course, our operations manager will also be managing them one-on-one to also ensure that your tasks are being completed correctly and on time.

What measures do you take to ensure my privacy?

Privacy and security of our clients is our #1 priority. Amongst our operations-based rules and procedures, we have internet firewalls, virus protection, and internet restriction policies. Your details will always be 100% secure.

What if I don't like my assigned VA?

When we assign your dedicated VA, we choose the best to fit your needs. If you are ever unsatisfied, we will assign a new VA immediately. That’s the benefit of working with a virtual assistant company rather than individual contractors!

How do I set it up?

Once you sign up, you would be called by our Senior Managers to understand your requirement. Once we confirm that we can undertake your tasks, Non Disclosure agreement & an online invoice will be emailed to you.

 After the account is setup, you will receive a welcome call & email from your dedicated virtual assistant. You can then start allocating tasks.

Do you also offer other services?

Yes. At Maxsource, we offer a wide array of services across multiple industries. You can contact us for data entry services, call center services and transcription services amongst others. We also provide specialized services for different industries such as Healthcare, Logistics and Customs Brokerage.

Will I always work with the same Virtual Assistant?

All of our Virtual Assistants are experts in their respective areas – Graphic Design, ShoppingCart, InfusionSoft, WordPress, Marketing, Social Media etc. This means that it may require one or more Virtual Assistant’s skill sets to work on your project. It is unrealistic to believe that one person can be good at everything that you may need a virtual assistant to do. That is why at Maxsource, we understand the value of having built a strong team of different individuals who all work together to get the job done.

 Still, personal connection is important to us. You are assigned to one Project Manager. Your Project Manager will know everything about your business and projects. You may choose to communicate only with your Project Manager or with the entire team. It is up to you.

Can outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant save our business money?

Hiring a Virtual Assistant saves money because the employer no longer is on the hook for taxes, workman’s compensation, unemployment insurance, equipment, office supplies or space.

We provide a seamless transition from full-time, in-house employee to Virtual Assistant.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant also gives our clients a competitive advantage among competitors.

How do I know that my VA is working?

Your virtual assistant will manually check-in and check-out with you every working day along with an update of their progress.

Our supervisors also monitor their work to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Your prices are set up for one assistant. What if I want a team of VA's?

That’s great! We offer discounted rates for teams. Just contact us here for custom pricing.

What language will my virtual assistant speak?

English. All of our virtual assistants speak English as their first language. Some also speak Spanish, and are available for related tasks.

Can my VA make outbound calls?

Yes. Clients that would like this are expected to purchase Skype credits for our VA’s to use for outbound phone calls.