Custom Software Development

With Maxsource’s Custom Software Development services, organizations can create software exactly according to their requirements. This reduces the need for purchasing multiple software for running the business, eliminates buying expensive licenses and up-gradation and maintenance costs. With a Custom Software Development designed and run according to your specifications, Maxsource  ensures that nothing is more important than your business.
Custom Software Development allows your organization to compete at the highest level by providing business with the tools it needs to attain the maximum possible from the resources that you posses. Before any Custom Software Development Maxsource will understand your business model, your vision and mission, the strengths and weaknesses you posses, and provide the best match for your unique needs.

Maxsource’s custom application development services include:

•    Content management systems
•    Enterprise application integration
•    Application reengineering
•    Corporate intranets and extranets
•    Web-enabling legacy applications
•    Porting applications
•    Software product development
•    Software architecture consulting
•    SAP consulting
•    Capacity and network planning solutions
•    CRM applications
•    Enterprise solutions
•    E-commerce solutions
•    Design and implementation of B2B exchanges
•    Supply chain integration
•    Data warehousing solutions

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