10 Things to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

The biggest problems that new entrepreneurs and business owners face are managing multiple tasks. Because of lack of man power, they usually end up wearing too many hats!

Well, for the lack of a better term, let us all it the “Superhero Syndrome”, that they will encounter eventually if they keep continuing this way of working! It just makes your business go downhill and reduces its effectiveness. You cannot be the Jack of all trades!

A virtual assistant comes to the rescue in such situations. It’s a smart way to leverage your business and get your tasks done with least amount of workforce. One should quit being a micro-manager and start letting loose of the work. Hiring a virtual assistance does the needful. There are a variety of tasks that can be outsourced to a virtual assistant. Let us have a look at them:

Email Management and Filtering:

Sending out emails and campaigns is a tedious task and very time consuming. The best way to manage them is to outsource these tasks. Imagine getting all started with a new task, getting into the zone and making up your mind and suddenly a new engaging email is received. You start replying to it and before you know you’ve spent 20 minutes on the email itself. There goes your workflow. To avoid this, the best way is to hire somebody to do these tasks.

Schedule management:

Every entrepreneur has a mix of tasks on his palette. Each of them must be executed efficiently. To manage them effectively it is important to have a systematic approach towards it. Scheduling these tasks is an important issue that is covered by a virtual assistant. You can complete the chores much faster if you hire a virtual assistant for it.


Bookkeeping consists of a lot of tasks like recording bills, invoices, payments etc. These tasks are time consuming as well. Outsourcing them to a virtual assistant, sure eases down the task. But doing so requires the trust factor to be there. You should hire someone for this task only if you can handover them private information, such as passwords, account sheets etc.

Search engine optimization (SEO) :

Having a beautifully designed website is not sufficient to build your product online. The building part requires marketing it online. A VA with experience in SEO and/or digital marketing will prove invaluable to your company. It can boost web traffic, sales number and brand marketing with right SEO and digital marketing technique.

Web Developing:

Web development is another important aspect in any business. As they say, the first impression is the last impression, it is necessary for your website to have an attractive user interface.  Your VA will have the skills necessary to produce a website that will have traits like quick loading times, easy usability, business and contact information,  good navigation system, high ranking on search engines.

Content Writer:

If you’re doing a lot of online marketing and need a number of articles every week, a virtual assistant would be your best hire. The trend of blog posting, press releases, copyright writing, directory submissions, etc has increased the necessity of content writing.

Administrative tasks:

There is a lot that your VA can do as an administrator. Dealing with additional administrative tasks along with the usual tasks is always a benefit. There are a lot of meager tasks that require attention and a lot of time that it takes to execute which an authoritative person cannot carry out daily. Hiring a VA for that is a good option.

Managing social media accounts:

With the change in the digital era, the social media traffic is bound to be there every day. Handling it an acknowledging the notifications is a lengthy task. The smartest way to deal with it is by hiring a Virtual Assistant for it. A VA can help out with all the related tasks like blog posting, image sharing, video sharing, etc.

Database building:

Building a database is another task that you can outsource to a VA. Updating and managing records in email and contact list comes under database management. All these tasks would be efficiently managed by the VA.

Graphic designers:

Fiddling around with photoshop is a massive waste of time for any entrepreneur. Hiring a VA for it turns out to be a great solution to the time consuming activity of graphic designing. Explain your requirements to the VA and the rest of the task can be efficiently handled by him.

The list of tasks can go on and on that a VA can handle. Outsourcing your task to them is a smart choice and will help you tasks done with a minimum of work staff. Being a potential ‘go to’ source for all your minor tasks, hiring a VA according to me would be the best option for any entrepreneur at this day and age.

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